Am I guaranteed the same time frame from year to year?

Following the conclusion of your event you are granted a 2-week period to reschedule the event for the following year. Please remember that we work on a 52 week schedule and that holidays do not always fall on the same week. 


Can buildings be booked more than 1 year in advance?

Buildings can only be booked one year in advance. Following every event, lessees are given 2 weeks to rebook for the next year. 


Can buildings open earlier or close later?

All building hours are 8 AM to 11 PM or your scheduled time. To open earlier or stay later, an opening and closing time would need to be taken care of at the time of your booking and included on the signed contract. 

Can we book in the month of July?

Due to the Boone County 4-H Fair and its preparations, we take a very limited number of events in the month of July. 

Can we show up earlier or stay later than our scheduled times?

With multiple events schedules within each day, renters are highly encouraged to only use the scheduled time. If you think time will be an issue, schedule for a longer amount of time. 


What is you set up and teardown policy?

Set-up and tear-down are included in your scheduled time. If you need more or a special time designated to set-up and tear-down we have a special rate available. 

Why do we require proof of liability insurance?

In the case of someone getting injured during your event that persons medical expenses would be covered. 

Will tables & chairs be set up?

Tables and chairs will be available for all lessees but are to be set up by the renting group. For an additional fee, facility staff can set up tables and chairs.