The following rules have been developed by Boone County 4-H Club, Inc. and must be observed by everyone using the 4-H facilities.

Facility Personnel: The facility staff are there to serve you in accordance with the 4-H policies. The facility manager, Jack Jones, may be contacted at 317-989-0006 (cell)

  1. SCHEDULING THE FACILITIES: The facilities of the Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds must be scheduled through Boone County 4-H Club, Inc. c/o Purdue Cooperative Extension Office, 1300 E 100 S, Lebanon, IN 46052, 765-482-0750 Ext #1, during regular business hours – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Lessees have 15 days from conclusion of a rental to reserve the facility for the following year to receive a preference for a time period. First priority will be given to Boone County 4-H Club, Inc.
  2. CANCELLATIONS: The Extension Office must be notified of any cancellation at least 90 days prior to the activity date. Cancellations after 90 days prior to the activity date will be subject to a cancellation fee. Waiver of the fee because of emergency (i.e. weather) is at the discretion of the Facilities Manager.
  3. COMPLIMENTARY USE: No Charge will be made to the following groups, unless using as a fund raiser or charging a fee  using the 4-H facilities: Boone County 4-H Club, Inc. Cooperative Extension Organizations, Extension Homemakers and Boone County Commissioners.

Other organized Boone County non-for-profit youth groups, with youth in attendance (youth groups that organize at least annually with duly elected officers) will not be charged unless these groups make a charge, accept donations or use the facilities for a moneymaking project. All groups are expected to observe all rules in connection with the use of the building and rental agreements need to be signed. All waivers for such groups must be made in writing at the time the request is made and must be made AT LEAST one (1) month prior to the activity date.

  1. FACILITIES: The FARM BUREAU COMMUNITY BUILDING – Auditorium  has approximately 60 tables and 550 folding chairs available for use by leasing groups. Dining Room has 15 tables and 60 folding chairs and includes a demonstration kitchen.  The Community building also has a Commercial Kitchen (at current rental fee) and demonstration kitchen(at no charge) available.  This equipment shall be treated with care. Please contact the facility personnel for operational instructions.                                                                  Restrooms in this facility are in the hallway and shared.                           Set up and taking down of tables and chairs in appropriate racks are the responsibility of the lessee.
  2. ANNEX has approximately 15 tables and 80 chairs, demonstration kitchen included and rest rooms. This equipment shall be treated with care. Please contact the facility personnel for operational instructions. Set up and taking down of tables and chairs in appropriate racks are the responsibility of the lessee.
  3. FOOD SERVICE: Lessees may provide their own food, assuming they are not using a caterer, food service provider, or other commercial food service and not using the Commercial Kitchen.
    ****FOOD SERVICE Information****
    Pitch-In dinners are welcome.
    If paid Caterer, you must follow all Boone Co Health Department regulations, please contact the
    Boone Co Health Dept at 765-483-4458 if questions.
  4. CHAPERONES: Youth using the building must be properly chaperoned and supervised within the building and on the grounds. Ratio is 1 ADULT (over 21) to every 10 children (under 21).


  5. EXTRA ELECTRICAL WIRING that may be required for the lessee’s use of the facility will be at the lessee’s expense and must be done by the 4-H building electrician.
  6. CLEAN UP: All persons using the 4-H facilities must return facilities to the original state of cleanliness after use. All garbage, rubbish and waste must be disposed of in a clean, safe, and legal manner. If not cleaned to the satisfaction of the 4-H facility manager, a fee may be charged/withheld for the cleaning.
  7. DAMAGES: Lessee shall maintain the facilities and the personal property that are rented in a safe and sanitary condition; use and operate all electrical fixtures and plumbing fixtures properly. The lessee will be held financially responsible for all repairs/replacements incurred during the term of the lease. All damage or loss of personal property provided by the lessee, shall be at the lessee’s expense. The Boone County 4-H Club, Inc. is not responsible for insuring lessee’s personal property.

The 4-H Buildings & Grounds Executive Committee is responsible for the administration of these rules. Any questions concerning rules or usage of the facilities should be referred to the Boone County Extension Office, 765-482-0750.