Isenhower Cattle Barn:
A 60′ X 210′ barn with two open sides (the east and west sides) and two large garage doors at the north and south ends. The cattle barn is located next to the North Salem State Bank Swine Barn which can be used for additional animal housing. A wash area is located on the far west side of the barn. Cattle gates are available for rent.



Isenhower CATTLE BARN  $230.00 $750.00
CATTLE GATES (You set-up & take down)  $10.00 EACH

(Clean up deposit is due two weeks prior to event. Upon completion of each event, if the rented facility is cleaned to approval of grounds manager, the clean up deposit will be refunded.)

(**Rates subject to change without notice)

Regular plan

Sun Mon Tue Web Thu Fri Sat
$230.00 $230.00 $230.00 $230.00 $230.00 $230.00 $230.00